Question: How do I add a linux command thatís not included on the Warp by default?

Answer: In general, if you need to add other linux commands to the Warp, you must select the commands you want from the Busybox Configuration Menu. I've outlined the basic steps below. For more details, see the section called "Busybox Configuration Menu" in the PADS User Guide.

# make menuconfig
- select Busybox Configuration
- select Custom Busybox Options
- exit and save your new PADS configuration

# make
- the Busybox Configuration Menu will appear (itís another ncurses menu).
- select Coreutils
- select the commands you'd like to install on the Warp.
- exit and save your new busybox configuration

One more thing: If you ever do this, a flag is set called <Your PADS directory>/build_warp/busybox-1.10.3/.configured. If you ever need to modify settings in the Busybox Configuration Menu again, you need to delete that .configured file before you launch # make. Otherwise, "make" will see that file and skip over the Busybox config.

Eric Pretlac
PIKA Support