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Thread: HMP 3 - Is there a difference in the drivers when installed in 32-bit vs 64-bit Win

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    Default HMP 3 - Is there a difference in the drivers when installed in 32-bit vs 64-bit Win

    Our 32-bit app is compiled and tested with HMP v3 libraries and drivers. When we install Pika HMP v3 drivers on a 64-bit Windows server our application does not work. It fails to communicate with the board successfully. Our suspicion is that there may be an issue with our 32-bit application using 64-bit HMP drivers. The HMP installer doesn't provide an option to install 32-bit or 64-bit (that we know of). Is there any difference in the HMP drivers when installed on a 32-bit Windows server versus a 64-bit Windows server? And if so, should our 32-bit app be expected to work anyway?

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    Hi Brent,

    If this is a C/C++ application the API attempts to abstract 32/64 bit differences. And an application should be able to be migrated between the two platforms.
    (Note: C# applications are usually in a different situation where assumptions are made on the length of fields during marshalling.)

    As for the installer, it detects the platform type you are running on and installs the correct version.

    One problem that you will likely incur however is license incompatibility. A license generated on a 32 bit system cannot be directly used to a 64 bit system. Instead a new license needs to be generated.

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    All components (driver/libraries/application) must match - all 32-bit or all 64-bit.
    The best solution is to re-compile 32-bit applications as 64-bit. The Pika API abstracts data types to help in this regard.

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