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Thread: Warp Plus - USB factory update for NEW units

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    Default Warp Plus - USB factory update for NEW units

    This upgrade should not be used with version 1.4.x units!
    Using it on the incorrect Warp Plus unit may leave the unit inoperable. These instructions only apply to units running version 1.5.x or 2.1.x.

    The reset button on the back of the unit will not provide factory settings. The only way to accomplish this would be through a USB update method. This involves loading new firmware on a USB key and inserting it into the device. The complete instructions can be found below. This procedure should be used if a GUI factory recover is not possible - for example, the network settings have been corrupt or lost.

    To recover a unit, download the following image to a FAT formatted USB key.

    Unzip this file to the base of the USB key. Then plug the USB key into the Warp Plus and reboot. Status of the process will be displayed on the LCD of the Warp Plus. The upgrade process may take a while but ultimately it should commit the firmware. This will also wipe out any previous configuration on the unit but not the license settings.

    Before performing the USB recovery we would suggest archiving your configuration files through TFTP upload or the 'Logs' folders. After completing the process you can view the Status page in the GUI to confirm that the new version is present.
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