HMPTB00003 - New analog and digital passive logging board types now supported under HMP


Date: June 9, 2015

Product(s): HMP (AoH) SDK Platform

Reason: PCIe Primenet Analog and Digital HMP passive logging boards formally introduced


Effective June 15, 2015, PIKA Technologies has introduced several new audio logging board types. Please select these boards types going forward for passive logging application. The complete list can be found below.

PIK-GW-00825T HMP Digital Board PCIe T1 DL1
PIK-GW-00825E HMP Digital Board PCIe E1 DL1
PIK-GW-00826T HMP Digital Board PCIe T1 DL2
PIK-GW-00826E HMP Digital Board PCIe E1 DL2

PIK-GW-00811AL HMP Analog Board PCIe 4-Log
PIK-GW-00812AL HMP Analog Board PCIe 8-Log
PIK-GW-00813AL HMP Analog Board PCIe 12-Log
PIK-GW-00814AL HMP Analog Board PCIe 16-Log

These boards are specifically designed to operate in passive recording scenarios with high impedence. These boards are only operational with the HMP low level API (PKH_*).

Important: These new boards require a minimum HMP version found below:
HMP 3.0.16 or greater
HMP 4.0.2 or greater

Previously purchased boards will continue to work as before under passive logging scenarios.

If you have any questions, please contact PIKA Support or your sales representative.