Below are instructions for capturing a packet trace from the Warp Plus in order to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Access the WARP Plus through any web browser and login. Username - admin Password - pikapika (Unless changed by you)
2. In the WARP Plus GUI select the 'Maintenance' tab then 'PCAP Logging'.
3. In the 'PCAP Logging' page set 'Packet Capture Count' to 100000. Then click on the 'Enable PCAP Logging' Button.
4. Reboot the WARP Plus by entering the 'Maintenance' tab and selecting 'Reboot'. Then click the 'Reboot Now' button.
5. When the WARP Plus comes back up from its reboot please replicate the problem.
6. Once satisfied, gather the following files using the WARP Plus GUI. Select the 'Maintenance' tab then select 'Logs'. In the 'Logs' page select the 'current/' directory.
7. Once in this directory download the following file using the 'Download' button:

8. Once you have this file please send them to email address
9. Now once again using the WARP Plus GUI select the 'Maintenance' tab then 'PCAP Logging'.
10. Click on the 'Disable PCAP Logging' button.