Here are some notes on the logging mechanism.

a) If the USB key is inserted before the VoIP Firewall has booted it will prevent the pkvsf logs from being created.
b) If a *.bin firmware file is present no logs will be generated.
c) Each time the USB key is inserted it will update the Protection Summary chart as highlighted in the Quick Start Guide.
d) The USB logging mechanism will contain one active logging session only. If you want to preserve logs, copy them to a computer before re-insertion of the USB key.
e) The unit itself has enough internal storage for about 2 days of logging before overwriting logs. The Protection Summary Chart is always preserved.

All this considered, normally the USB key would be inserted into an unit which has been running for while. The resulting uWARP/pkvsf log will contain Protection Summary chart (ie. 'PIKA VoIP Firewall Statistics') In most cases, this is all that is required.