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Thread: Problem in sending FAX

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    alizarei Guest

    Question Problem in sending FAX

    I have a problem in sending multiple page fax.
    I send fax document tiff-class F to destination side by pika
    but pika only send first page of fax please advice me to setting pika for sending fax with multiple page.

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    pedmunds Guest


    Hi Ali,

    We should be able to find out why the entire Fax is not being transmitted.

    Could you answer a few questions?
    -which version of the PIKA driver are you using? 6.5?
    -which PIKA board are you using?
    -are you using Asterisk?
    -have you generated any API logs?

    Feel free to open a support ticket with

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    alizarei Guest


    I solve this problem.
    befor i use PIKA driver 6.2, after change driver version to 6.5 this problem solved.


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    Default Problem in sending FAX

    That's great! Thank you for the update !

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