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    Default Performance suggestions

    When running over 400 channels and performing audio below is a suggestion to increase system performance. These changes increase the buffer size of the driver's record mechanism thereby reducing the CPU processing consumed by messaging.

    1) In pikagp.cfg:


    Both the ‘playbuffersize’ and ‘recordbuffersize’ should both be set to 16384. (record being the most important) The commas should also be removed preceding these fields.

    2) In the application:

    PKX_CHANNEL_SetConfig () should be called with the PKX_TChannelSettings.record.buffersize field set to 16384.

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    Disabling the server port if not required is another way to improve system performance. The server is only required if doing inbound registration.
    The server can be disabled by setting the following value in pikagp.cfg:


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