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Thread: High Level 3.x - channel reset removed

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    Default High Level 3.x - channel reset removed

    I'm in the process of migrating an older GP 2.x application to AOH 3.x (high level) and i noticed the PKX_CHANNEL_Reset is no longer available.

    I assume this is by design but it used to be handy "get out of jail" card in certain situations - even with AoH GP 3.x i ran into a issue where the SIP from settings were not set properly and the dial out attempt would take some 90+seconds time out even though timeout parameter was set to 20.

    Anybody else running into this and what's your workaround ?


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    In the case of the 90+ second timeout try using PKX_CALL_Drop.
    Using PKX_CHANNEL_Stop is also sometimes an option however it only stops media processes.

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