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Thread: Asterisk Skype interface

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    dmcmorris Guest

    Default Asterisk Skype interface

    A beta of Skype for Asterisk was announced at AstriCon.

    I've personally been interested in Skype/Asterisk interface for our Next-Gen Telephony System, but was unable to find a solution that was affordable and reliable.

    I would like to encourage the Pika developers to look into this for possible inclusion in PADS.

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    raysenez Guest

    Default Asterisk Skype interface

    I would second this request, as we promote the use of the Asterisk appliance we are almost expected to also provide a discount phone plan.
    Skype would be a good answer to that.

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    dmcmorris Guest

    Default Incoming Skype too

    Not only could it be used for PSTN trunking (which I think it what you were thinking of), but incoming "skype-to-skype" calls.

    We have some customers overseas that use Skype. We have a USA toll-free number they can call, but having a skype-to-skype call would be even better for them (and, yes, cheaper for us).

    Not to mention, we have a couple people who occasionally would like to use Skype on a laptop (they don't want a SIP softphone like X-Lite for some reason). Although it'd be a bit dirty, having our Pika on Asterisk could provide some integration.

    Ideally, Skype would sell SIP trunking accounts... but if it hasn't happened yet I doubt it will happen soon.

    Anyway, thanks!

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    While I do understand the reasoning for natively including Skype on the Warp. To add it to the Warp offers a few technical obstacles - including getting a non-graphical Skype client working on Warp probably requiring 'Xvfb' and likely requiring generic sound driver support (like OSS or ALSA). Further, today's Skype integration to Asterisk is in x86 binary form and would require a Power PC version.

    Something of possible related interest is the 'Skype for SIP Beta' which is compatible with Warp. The basic concept is connecting to the Skype network from a SIP account on Warp. Here is a link for reference:

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