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Thread: /persistent1 is 100% full.

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    praetorian46 Guest

    Question /persistent1 is 100% full. Not sure why...

    I've searched and found the following and the link below does not describe my issue.

    A "df -h" shows the following.
    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    rootfs                   91.5M     82.3M      9.2M  90% /
    /dev/root                91.5M     82.3M      9.2M  90% /
    /dev/mtdblock6           64.0M     38.1M     25.9M  60% /persistent
    tmpfs                    36.0M     52.0k     35.9M   0% /tmp
    /dev/mtdblock7           64.0M     63.3M    768.0k  99% /persistent1
    /dev/mtdblock8           64.0M     15.1M     48.9M  24% /persistent2
    /dev/mmcblk0p1            7.4G    188.9M      6.8G   3% /mnt/sd
    tmpfs                   125.1M      4.0k    125.1M   0% /dev
    A "du -hd 3" in /persistent1 shows the following.
    0       ./var/lib/lighttpd
    27.4M   ./var/lib/asterisk
    27.4M   ./var/lib
    395.0k  ./var/log/pika
    0       ./var/log/httpd
    0       ./var/log/lighttpd
    6.7M    ./var/log/asterisk
    7.2M    ./var/log
    0       ./var/run/lighttpd
    0       ./var/run/asterisk
    512     ./var/run
    36.8M   ./var/www/html
    36.8M   ./var/www
    0       ./var/cache/php-pear
    30.8M   ./var/cache/php-eaccelerator
    0       ./var/cache/lighttpd
    30.8M   ./var/cache
    7.6M    ./var/spool/asterisk
    7.6M    ./var/spool
    109.8M  ./var
    109.8M  .
    It's a little puzzling because df shows that the volume is only 64M in size and du shows that I'm using 109M.
    I'm not sure where to go from here.
    I have an 8GB SD card installed and there isn't much on it.
    I would love to relieve /persistent, /persistent1, & /persistent2 as much as possible using the SD card but I'm not sure how to do that.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you,
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    Abner78 Guest


    Same issue here.
    I installed the italian sound set and it grew to 99% as you.

    Please someone can help?

    ADDENDUM : Just discovered that, when at 99%, my voicemail cannot accept any new messages. It says voicemail full. This is really annoying and a big problem. I ended up overwriting all English sounds with mine, just to recover some space and make voicemail work again.

    Can someone please help?
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    @Cody: Interesting observation. I wonder if 'du' is somehow counting space in RAM which could exceed the 64 MB for persistent1. This could be because of the ramdisk architecture. I think I would ultimately trust 'df'.

    @Abner87: One easy way to help offload anything to the SD card is to create a symbolic link from the Warp's memory to the SD card. Here is an example to make a symlink from '/persistent1/var/log' to '/mnt/sd/log'. (Assuming '/persistent1/var/log' exists and '/mnt/sd/log' does not exist.)

    Option A) To preserve existing files:
    mv /persistent1/var/log /mnt/sd
    ln -s /mnt/sd/log /persistent1/var
    Option B) To overwrite existing files completely:
    rm -fr /persistent1/var/log
    mkdir /mnt/sd/log
    ln -s /mnt/sd/log /persistent/var
    Then once the link is in place anything copied to '/persistent1/var/log' would then end up residing on the SD card. The only risk involved with this approach is that it makes the Warp unit dependent on that particular SD card. Hope this makes sense.

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