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Thread: Status unregistred when ip address sip server change ?

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    Default Status unregistred when ip address sip server change ?


    If the sip proxy server smartvoip ( ) change his ip address, the status of the peer become unregistred ( sip show peers ) but his status in (sip show registry) is always registered. For instance to
    I have to reboot the pika warp to change the ip adress in (sip show peers) and to have the status OK.
    The url have several ip address in the same time ( round-robin ).
    Is it a problem to refresh the dns ? why a difference with sip show registry and sip show peers ? both should be unregistred ?

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    Generally 'sip show registry' is the status of outbound registrations from Asterisk and 'sip show peers' is inbound registrations to Asterisk. In your case perhaps you could describe your situation in more detail. For example, who is registering with who.
    > sip show peers: Show defined SIP peers (clients that register to your Asterisk server)
    > sip show registry: Show SIP registration status (when Asterisk registers as a client to a SIP Proxy)

    If your 'sip show peers' status is not updating in a timely fashion I would recommend making sure you have 'qualify=yes' or 'qualify=30' set on the peer. This performs 'ping'-like behaviour using SIP OPTION messages. Alternatively you could examine the 'defaultexpires' field however this is generally heavy handed as it can force re-registration.
    > qualify = yes|no|milliseconds : Check if client is reachable. If yes, the checks occur every 60 seconds. Default no.
    > defaultexpiry= Number : Default duration (in seconds) of incoming/outgoing registration. Default 120 seconds.

    If you have problems with outbound registration then I wonder if DNS SRV ('srvlookup') could be a source of the problems. In Asterisk 1.4 it only examines the first record returned to it.

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