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    Not sure if this is quite the right section to put this in.

    Here's my situation:
    Let's say the SD card on a customer's unit has gone faulty, so voicemail, tftp, etc isn't working. I go down with a new SD card and plug it in, the transfer script runs, and detects no FreePBX files.
    As /persistent/autorun/S20transfer has already run and transferred all the files to the now faulty SD card. It's at this point that there is problem, namely that the files are transferred using mv rather than cp so the files can't be transferred.

    I've considered making a backup of the files once they are on the SD card using WinSCP to copy them all to my desktop pc (WinXP Pro). However, in /mnt/sd/var/lib/asterisk/moh there is a folder called moh which is a link to /mnt/sd/var/lib/asterisk/moh. This really confuses WinSCP (I end up with nested moh folders on my PC), and loses all the file permissions.

    So, short of getting a new Warp, updating it, and recreating the config in FreePBX, what is the best way to populate a new SD card?
    I also say recreate the config in FreePBX, as although the FreePBX backup module is a great idea, it restores the FreePBX files too. So if I take a back up in FreePBX (say 2.5) on an older Warp, and restore it to a newer Warp (which has FreePBX 2.7) I end up with a new Warp with FreePBX 2.5 (not ideal but it works). However that's a FreePBX, not a Pika, issue.

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    I think 'dd' is the traditional Linux method of doing this. I have used this with Warp but then again I am still using a 256Mb SD card so the copy is not that painful. Below is an example of a command from one of my scripts to perform this copy remotely. Also keep in mind the resulting file can be tarr'ed as well. (The IP address in the command is that of Warp.)

    ssh "dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=4096" | dd of=/tmp/mysdcard.iso bs=4096

    But all this being said I think the long term solution might be to create a smarter transfer script. Just my thoughts.

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