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    goodmanuel Guest

    Default Open VPN

    I tried unsuccessfully to incorporate Open VPN in image file using PADS following the instructions in:

    I'd need to implement this function to connect with a Snom phone (with OpenVPN firmware) remotely.
    Unluckily I've tried many times and always got some errors during "make" and even though I could finish it successfully once but I found no OpenVPN device when transferred image to Warp.
    Is it possible to get either a step-by-step procedure to do so (starting from PADS develpment recommendations: host linux machine requirements, recommended linux distro, package needed, PADS version, etc) and/or a download link with a precompiled FreePBX image including OpenVPN?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi goodmanuel,

    I think the trick is the addition of the LZO library which is required by openvpn. The LZO library is an additional package in PADS that can be obtained from I would suggest getting this package and adding it to PADS as well. Then doing something like this:

    make lzo
    make openvpn

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    goodmanuel Guest


    Hi mrecoskie,

    Thank You! After MANY attempts I finally done, I got problems due to many different reasons one of them my lack of knowledge...
    YES, lzo is important!
    Last time I decided to start from the beginning in PADS development:
    after add source "package/openvpn/" and source "package/lzo/" in /pads_path/package/
    respectively under menu "networking" and menu "libraries" I did:
    #make menuconfig
    and, under "package selection for the target" menu "Librairies" had to select "lzo for Warp Appliance" that is NOT selected by default
    at that point "Open VPN for Warp Appliance" is already selected by default (checked under menu "Networking") save
    #make image

    openvpn conf file will be in /persistent/etc/

    Thank you

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