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Thread: Voicemail and recordings to SD

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    imported_jeo100 Guest

    Default Voicemail and recordings to SD

    With the freepbx build how could I setup that voicemail and recordings should go to the SD card.

    Also is it possible to make that the backup should save to SD ?

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    skar Guest

    Default Use the S65freePBX autorun file

    The latest version of FreePBX has this functionality build into it. If you look at the S65Freepbx autorun file, it has a function built into it to do this. It is called transferto_sd but it is disabled by default. You can just uncomment the function to enable it.

    This function will check if it has already transferred files. If it has not, it will look for the SD card, format it as ext3, mount it then transfer a bunch of files to it. The function to transfer the files is called file_transfer. You can just add or remove things you want to transfer in that function.

    While doing this, read all the warnings and provisos in the function headers.

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    skar Guest

    Default Update: Enable the S20sdtransfer file in file

    As of revision 17247 of the trunk of freepbx code, this mechanism has changed. In order to use the new method you will need at least that revision of code.

    The new method invloves a new autorun file called S20sdtransfer. If you uncomment the following lines as directed in the file

    # If you want to automatically transfer files to SD card, uncomment the 2 lines below
    #cp $(BASE_DIR)/package/freepbx/S20sdtransfer $(PERSISTENT_STORAGE)/autorun/
    #chmod 755 $(PERSISTENT_STORAGE)/autorun/S20sdtransfer

    This will enable the transfer of the files to the SD card.

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    matphillips Guest


    Rather than transfer the files to the SD once they have been created, which seems like one step too many. Why not just remount the /var/spool/asterisk path onto the SD card and have all recordings generated there to start with?

    Seems too simple, what's the catch?

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    skar Guest

    Default The catch ...

    The issue is that our burn mechanism does not have a way to burn the SD card when you flash images to the WARP. It will only flash images to the memory on the WARP itself. Therefore the sounds files need to be burnt to the WARP and then transferred to the SD card.

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    matphillips Guest


    That makes sense for deploying the image to the box, but what about a script (like the formatsd script) that could be ran after deployment that would mount the sd card, move the existing files to it and remount to the right place and then critically, add the fstab entry to ensure its mounted on each reboot.

    Actually, I'll have a go at writing that myself - I'm currently trying to decide between using freepbx/asteriskgui/raw asterisk and once I make my mind up I'll have a closer look at this.

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    skar Guest

    Default Script already there

    Th e FreePBX images already have a script to transfer files to the SD card if it is there. The script is called S20sdtransfer and you can find it as part of the FreePBX package here.

    The script:
    + checks for the SD card
    + checks if files have already been moved, if yes does nothing
    + if no, it formats the SD card and transfers the files to it automatically

    This file is easily expandable to include transferring additional files. It currently moves
    + asterisk sound files
    + voicemail folder
    + backup folder of FreePBX
    + tftpboot directory (for SIP auto config files)
    + music on hold files


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    imported_jeo100 Guest


    I ran your latset script but it comes back

    SDTRANSFER: Files have already been transferred to SD card.
    SDTRANSFER: No files transferred.

    and the voicemails still goes on "/persistent1" ????

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    skar Guest


    Sorry, I should have included this in the first post. If you have an SD card in the WARP with FreePBX and the SD transfer has been run before, it won't run again.

    This is good on reboots of your WARP but if you reflash your WARP with a new version of FreePBX, the files from your old version will still be on the SD card. Therefore the script thinks files are already transferred but are not. To fix this you need to manually remove the /mnt/sd/usr/src directory and then reboot.

    This is a known bug we are working on fixing.


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    khoanvp Guest


    I am using WARP PIKA with FreePBX 2.7.0 but after I run S20SDtranfer I had some errors;
    mv: cannot rename '/persistent1/var/spool/asterisk': No such file or directory
    mv: cannot rename '/persistent/tftpboot': No such file or directory
    mv: cannot rename '/persistent1/var/lib/asterisk/moh': No such file or directory

    They also deleted some folder on my PIKA. How I can recover Freepbx with the old settings ?

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