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Thread: Pika FAX and IVR

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    orlandov Guest

    Default Pika FAX and IVR

    do you know how to get set up the fax as an option from the IVR, as Dial System FAX (666)

    thanks Orlando V.

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    Hi orlandov,

    Have you tried the 'Enable Directory' option in the IVR settings in FreePBX? This
    invokes feature codes through the IVR.

    Otherwise if this does not work then to do specifically what you want I would suggest
    creating a new virtual fax extension like 700 (not 666 as it is a built-in fax feature
    code) and use this in the IVR. To do this select 'Extensions' > Add an Extension -
    'None (virtual exten)'. Set the 'User Extension' and 'Display Name' and Submit. After
    this you will need to reselect the extension (700) from the right hand of the screen
    and then enable fax detection on the extension.

    Hope this helps.

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