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Thread: How to recover Warp

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    Default How to recover Warp

    The post should be able to recover your Warp if its software is corrupt.

    This procedure will burn default 2.2.5 software to the unit using a low level burn mechanism. But for this a FAT formatted USB key will be required.
    To perform this recovery please download the following file in the link below to your desktop computer. (anonymous/guest)

    Then copy this file to the USB key and unzip the file. This can be done in Windows or Linux but it is important the USB key is FAT (fat32) formatted. The result should be several individual files on the main directory of the USB key. Once done please insert the USB into the Warp and reboot the unit. Just to note that the burn can take a while (10-15 minutes) and if it is working you should see output to the LCD screen. Once the process is complete the Warp you will see 'DONE - remove USB'. Remove the USB key and reboot the unit.

    If this does not work then I would suspect there might be something wrong with the hardware of the unit or the uboot software is corrupted.
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    Here is a new package for the latest 2.2.10 software. The instructions to use this package remain the same as before. (anonymous/guest)

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