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Thread: Cisco SPA5XX Series Phones - 'Bargin-in' feature disrupts Paging

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    Default Cisco SPA5XX Series Phones - 'Bargin-in' feature disrupts Paging

    A user with a Cisco SPA5XX series phone attempts to Page a Page Group they are also a member of. In this case call 'Barge-in' interrupts and overrides the active Paging parties call and forcing them on hold. It is obvious that this behavior is undesirable.

    In order to prevent this we recommend that all SPA5XX series phone users dial '*70' before dialing the WARP Pager's directory number. This will prevent the SPA5XX series phone from executing the 'Barg-in' functionality. We would also recommend that a 'Speed Dial' key be programmed for paging that prefixes *70 to the WARP Pager's directory number eg. *705445 where the extension of the Pager is 5445.

    This 'Barge-in' behavior will also take place if the user of a Cisco SPA5XXX series phone is on an active call when paged. When these phones receive a 'Call-Info' SIP header with ‘answer-after=0’ indicating 'Page' the defaulted behavior is force an 'auto-answer'. This means that all target phones on an active calls will be force on hold while the 'Page' is received. This behavior cannot be turned off and the only known workaround is to train the phone users to toggle back to the active call on each occurrence.

    This behavior has been flagged as undesirable and a feature request has been raised with Cisco (CSCti53461). Recently there have been rumblings that a fix for this could be in the works for as early as December 2010. Let's hope so!

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    Default Cisco Has Release A Formal Fix For the 'Barge-in' Issue.

    Cisco released SPA5xx firmware version 7.4.8 which includes the following:

    Configuring Auto-Answer for Paging Calls (CSCti53461)

    A new parameter Auto Answer Page During Active Call has been added in 7.4.8
    under the EXT tabs. In conjunction with the global Auto Answer Page parameter,
    this parameter determines the behavior of the phone when a page call arrives.
    When Auto Answer Page is disabled, page calls are not auto answered (even if
    the phone is idle), regardless of the value of Auto Answer Page During Active
    Call. When Auto Answer Page is enabled, whether page calls are auto answered
    or not during an active call depends on the PER LINE Auto Answer Page During
    Active Call. Both Auto Answer Page and Auto Answer Page During Active Call
    are enabled by default.

    So to avoid this 'Barge-in' behavior you should ensure that 'Auto Answer Page During Active Call' is 'disabled'. Also take into consideration that this parameter is functional on a per line basis.

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