Here is an expanded explanation on how to do IP packet sniffing on Warp. It uses ifsniff which is just a smaller version of tcpdump.

The program can be obtained from here -
With this program you will be able to capture all the IP traffic to and from Warp. To use this simply copy this file to the Warp and untar it - preferably to the '/persistent' directory then finally run it. Please note that the program's execution will only last the duration of your SSH session.

If you want to capture packets longer than your SSH session then you will to start
the 'ifsniff' program automatically at bootup. For this you will need to call it
from the /persistent/autorun/S48asterisk' file as it is the only startup script
that executes and keeps a process running in the background.

Below is the help output when you run ./ifsniff h and show an example usage.
/bin # ifsniff -h
Usage: ifsniff [options]
-f <filename> Save pcap file with full directory path.
-n <integer> Number of packets to capture before ending,
-1=forever(press any key to stop)
-F <filter string> Filter String to capture
-d <device name> Device Name, default - auto detects one if not specified
ifsniff -f /home/test.pcap -n 100 -F "port 22"
/bin #

Finally please note that this type of logging can adversely affect the performance
of a running system.