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Thread: Board detection or Board not starting

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    Default Board detection or Board not starting

    If you are experiencing board detection or board starting issue, here are some of the things you should check:

    1. Use PikaTest ( DSP ) or HMPTest / GPTest (HMP) to see if board will start.

    2. The PC has been restarted after installing the PIKA SDK. It's important to follow the installing instructions provided in the Getting Started Guide.

    3. Make sure that the operating system being used is supported by the PIKA SDK.

    DSP Boards
    -> Support only 32-bit Operating Systems
    -> 64-bit is not currently scheduled

    HMP Boards
    -> SDK Version 2.9 and newer only support XP, 2003, and Linux with 32-bit
    -> 64-bit, 2008, and Windows 7 will be supported in release HMP 3.0 in January 2011

    4. RAM must be limited to 3.5 G when using a 32-bit Operating System. You can add the /maxmem=3500 flag to your boot.ini file

    5. Have you tried this PIKA board in a different PC to try and determine if the problem lies with the board or the PC?

    6. Have you tried a different board in the PC to try and determine if the problem lies with the board or the PC ?

    7. Have you tried a re-install ?
    - Remove PIKA boards
    - Remove PIKA SDK software
    - Reboot
    - Reinstall PIKA SDK software
    - Reboot
    - Install PIKA board

    8. Their could be a conflict with a device in your PC like a video card or NIC board. Check the driver Memory allocations and IRQ for conflicts. It's important to have the native drivers for devices like video cards installed because the default OS basic driver may not do things right in the plug & play driver.

    9. Contact PIKA Support with the results of the above, your board serial number, and the version of PIKA SDK you are using.
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