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    Bali Guest

    Default email to fax

    What is the best way to set up a email to fax process with Pikafax?

    There is no documentation anywhere on this...



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    Default email to fax

    Hi Gustave,

    PIKA provides the low level reliable Fax technology.

    The following link is one of the places where you can find email2fax and fax2email technology.

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    skar Guest


    The better example of fax to email can be found here:

    If you use this as an example, you need only to change in the first macro, [macro-faxreceive] the following line:

    exten => s,7,rxfax(${FAXFILE}.tif)


    exten => s,7,PIKARxFax(${FAXFILE}.tif)

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