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    praetorian46 Guest

    Default Help Upgrading from to

    I'm completley lost. I am trying to upgrade this Pika Warp from to and I can't figure it out. I have downloaded the image from I copied the image to a USB stick. Put it in the Warp and turned it on. It didn't update.

    So i tried the warploader on the image but it errored out.

    All i want to use this device for is a small PBX 4 Sip trunks and 6 Sip Phones.
    Any help or a link to documentation on exactly how to upgrade this thing would be great.

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    stmcknig Guest


    When you unpacked the archive there should have been nine files you copied to the USB stick which should be formatted in FAT format.

    When you insert the USB stick, the actiivity light on the USB should flash briefly then the power LED on the Warp should turn red once it picks up that an upgrade is to be done....

    It's possible that the Warp doesn't like the USB stick - maybe try a different brand? I've seen DVD players and other electronics have some issues with brands of USB stick so it's not just a picky Pika ;-)

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    praetorian46 Guest


    Maybe that's where i went wrong... When i unpack the images_2.2.4.4.gz all that is extracted is images_2.2.4.4 and it's 127MB.
    I then ran WinRar again on the images_2.2.4.4 and that gave me all the files i needed.(Very Weird)
    But all is well now.
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    I have encountered a similar problem when using jZip.

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