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Thread: CAS Logging Recording Problem

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    Amit Pal Guest

    Default CAS Logging Recording Problem

    I want to know ,Is the digital logging in CAS is same as ISDN logging.
    sample code of digital logging e1 is not able to record on CAS.
    so what the additional changes are required on CAS for Recording.
    is any sample code available for recording in CAS?

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    rboileau Guest


    Unfortunately there is no CAS passive digital logging sample code at this time.

    On the PIKA samples webpage there is sample code for a CAS application and an ISDN passive logging application that you can use as reference to writing your own application.

    What is different:
    - CAS channels must be set up in the DSP configuration using PikaSetup / PikaConfig ( Additional DSP V-Engine may be required )
    - The CAS API must be used to trigger on call events for audio recording instead of the ISDN proceeding or connect events

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    mdesortis Guest


    Good Morning,
    I have the same questions about CAS passive logging examples, any news since Aug 2010?

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    Hi. Are you looking for one specific CAS variant or several?

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    mdesortis Guest


    I'm looking for examples that concern CAS monitoring and DL on E1 trunk. In E1 trunk only MFR2 is supported for CAS, isn't it?

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    Yes, only MFR2 is supported for CAS.

    Since this is posted under the topic 'API - DSP Boards (MM)' are we correct to assume you are only interested in DSP board support?

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