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Thread: 64-bit Support - Analo Board (Low Density)

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    Default 64-bit Support - Analo Board (Low Density)

    Hi all

    Anyone know if there are any plans for 64-bit Windows 2008/Windows 7 support for the analog boards?


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    rboileau Guest


    At this time, the DSP boards only support 32-bit operating systems and there are no dates to support 64-bit Operating Systems.
    Talk to your PIKA Sales Rep about your needs.

    GP/HMP boards will be support 64-bit operating systems in January 2011 with Release 3.0

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    Lance.Hall Guest


    I can see there has been no change yet in support of 64-bit Windows for analog/low density boards. Is this support in the pipeline to occur ever?

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    There are still no plans to support DSP boards on 64-bit operating systems.
    Support for HMP boards under 64-bit operating systems is underway and will still be included in the next release - 3.0. However the timeframe of this release has been extended.

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    Lance.Hall Guest

    Default 64-bit Support - Analog Board (Low Density)

    I now see that HMP 3.0 is finally out with 64-bit OS support. Is there any chance now for 64-bit OS support on AoB products?

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    Hi Lance,

    No, unfortunately there is still no plans to support 64-bit versions of Montecarlo DSP boards. Please consult your Sales Representative about your needs.

    \Pika Support

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