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Thread: Setting up T1 CAS

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    Default Setting up T1 CAS

    To setup up CAS, the network protocol for the board needs to be set to CAS.

    Next a CAS protocol file must be selected. These are XML files which represent state machines. This files are located in the "protocol" directory.

    In this instance we select the CAS state machine E&M Wink-Wink ("cas_em_winkstart.xml").

    Finally CAS DSP resources must be selected. This is usually done on Stream 1 outside of the voice resources on Stream 0 because CAS resources are the only application that can run on a DSP stream. In other words they must be isolated. Normally, 24 timeslots are configured o that one DSP services one span (timeslots 0-5, 32-37, etc.).
    Once the configuration has been saved. Pikatest can be used to test calls. The commands 'make' and 'clear' are useful for this.

    The API reference guide has two sections of interest concerning CAS. The CAS Index section detailing the API and Appendix D which explains the state machine fields.
    As well there is sample code on website under the 'Sample Code' section. The sample is named "".
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