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Thread: Software Release - Warp 2.2.4 patch

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    Default Software Release - Warp 2.2.4 patch

    Software Release - Warp 2.2.4 patch


    PATCH REQUIREMENTS: AoH 2.8.9, GrandPrix 2.8.9, chan_pika 3.8.5

    REASON FOR RELEASE: See issues resolved below.

    POTENTIAL ISSUES: NOTE: The following change affects user of PHP only.

    In order to compile php in PADS, autoconf version 2.13, 2.59 or 2.63 must
    be installed on your system. If you do not have one of these versions, you
    should install it before compiling PADS. Alternatively, you can set the path
    to your version of autoconf and autoheader using the AUTOCONF and AUTOHEADER
    variables at the top of the <PADS_DIR>/package/php/ file. You must use
    a version of autoconf less than or equal to 2.63.

    FILES AFFECTED: The following packages have changed:
    - timezone
    - gettext
    - php
    - hmp
    - grandprix
    - chan_pika

    Requires build and re-flash of persistent and ramdisk

    COMMENTS: Combines AoH 2.8.9, GrandPrix 2.8.9 and chan_pika

    User documentation has been updated and it now includes
    the new Warp for Asterisk/FreePBX User Guide.


    --------------- Issues resolved in PADS 2.2.4 -----------------------

    8169: File /etc/asterisk/musiconhold_additional.conf does not have
    the correct permissions

    - The file permissions will be set to astersik:asterisk during the
    startup script.

    8170: Call waiting on FXS does not work

    - An improper if-else statement was preventing call waiting from working
    if non-native switching was used when connecting the FXS to another channel.
    The if-else statement has been modified to disregard the connection type.

    8212: PADS fails to build PHP on new Linux distributions

    - All distributions have an old and new version of autoconf and autoheader version
    available in their repositories. Usage of version 2.13, 2.59 or 2.63 of autoconf
    and autoheader will be enforced. If one of these versions is not installed,
    instructions on how to install them will be displayed on the screen.

    8221: PADS fails to compile in openSuSE 11.2

    - The '--without-emacs' flag has been added to the file to prevent
    PADS from failing when using openSuSE 11.2.

    8245: Update the timezone package to account for new daylight
    savings time

    - The 'timezone' package has been updated to a new version that properly sets
    the time according to the new daylight savings time dates.

    --------------- Issues resolved in AoH 2.8.9 -----------------------

    7817: Echo/reverb issues

    - The echo canceller disabled itself after detecting digital silence on
    an analog line for a period exceeding about 120 ms as a result of a loop
    current drop. When echo is detected again, the echo canceller re-enables
    itself, however this process may take a couple of seconds causing audio
    issues. The echo canceller will no longer disable itself when the line
    is completely silent.

    Refer to the README files for AoH and GP on the PIKA Web site for a complete
    list of bug fixes in the AoH 2.8.9 and GP 2.8.9 patches.


    tarball –
    images –
    svn -
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