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Thread: Chinese characters on LCD???

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    Default Chinese characters on LCD???

    We have been having an issue with Chinese characters and only pixels being displayed on the LCD after resetting the Warp. The Chinese characters are displayed one the port icon screen and the pixels are on the IP address screen. Sometimes after you toggle to the IP screen and back to the port screen the Chinese characters are gone and that screen also only has pixels. We have been able to recover from this state by powering off and on 1 or 2 times. Thoughts?

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    rboileau Guest


    Hi Tech Seer,

    We've been able to reproduce this in house and we are trying to figure out why.


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    Thanks for the quick response. We look forward to hearing what you find.
    Tech Seer

    Quote Originally Posted by rboileau View Post
    Hi Tech Seer,

    We've been able to reproduce this in house and we are trying to figure out why.


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    The problem persists even after the last build.....

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    rboileau Guest


    Unfortunately this is still an open issue. PIKA R&D is working on the issue and is hopping to have a resolution soon.

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    Default FIX for problem with Asian characters

    This problem has been resolved with a patch for the FPGA on the WARP appliance. To get and apply the patch, please log into the shell of your WARP and do the following:

    # wget
    # tar -xz -f FPGA_3014_Patch.tgz
    # cd FPGA_3014_Patch
    # sh
    # reboot
    It does not matter where you download and extract the FPGA_3014_Patch.tgz tarball to on the WARP. Once you are finished applying the patch you can delete the tarball and folder.

    The script will report any errors that may occur during the application of the patch. If you wish to verify further that the patch was successfuly applied you can run the following at the command line AFTER rebooting the WARP. It should return 3014.

    # cat /proc/driver/taco | cut -c10-13

    NOTE: There are additional details on what this patch fixes, which versions of PADS it applies to and further instructions on it contained in the Readme file found within the FPGA_3014_Patch folder.
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