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Thread: Timezone - Daylight saving time

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    Default Timezone - Daylight saving time

    It appears that the time change is not being compensated automatically.

    One way to manually update this without having to reboot the Warp is to:

    Stop the NTP service
    # svc d /service/ntpd

    Run timezone and select your Timezone
    # timezone

    Run ntpdate
    # ntpdate <server>

    Restart the NTP service
    # svc u /service/ntpd

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    This may be a more realistic solution for daylight savings time. What is needed is to update the 'timezone' package on the Warp. Below is a set of instructions to to accomplish this.
    1. Copy the latest 'timezone' package onto your Linux development PC with the following command:
    Extract the package in a local directory.
    tar -xvf tzdata2010i.tar.gz
    2. We need to create the 'zoneinfo' applicable to your environment. By default the Warp only has timezone data for America and Europe. This is done with the following commands:
    zic -d zoneinfo northamerica
    zic -d zoneinfo europe
    3. We want to 'tftp' the files we need onto the Warp but first lets prep the Warp by backing up the existing files and removing another. Execute the list of commands below on the Warp:
    mv /persistent/usr/share/zoneinfo /persistent/usr/share/zoneinfo-bkp
    mkdir /persistent/usr/share/zoneinfo
    rm /persistent/etc/localtime
    4. Now 'tftp' the following files to the 'zoneinfo' directory we created. Here is a list of files that you typically need:
    4. Now we need to run the 'timezone' executable to set the zone for your environment. Enter the following command on the Warp and follow the instructions provided:
    5. Now lets test that DST is functioning correctly:
    Set the date to March 14 2:30 am:
    date -s 03140230US10
    The date should actually get set to 3:30 am. Execute the 'date' command and verify the time is 3:30 am.
    Set the date to Nov 1:59 am:
    date -s 11070159US10
    Instead of the time changing to 2:00 am it should revert back to 1:00. Verify this with the 'date' command.

    The plan is to fully integrate this into the next Warp release.

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