Has anybody developed a procedure for "emulating" a WARP on a PC (x86_64 specifically)? What would be awesome is something similar to VMWare(r), but that much isn't necessary. Preferrably, I'd like something that I can see the "serial" console on and can access through a virtual network interface (ex: http, ssh)

I searched briefly, but did not find anything WARP-specific.

I'm attempting to develop (using PADS) a couple new WARP images, and do not have a WARP available (the 3 we currently own are all allocated for other projects/purposes). One will be freed up in about 2 weeks, which is slated to be re-imaged and replace another. I'd like to have an image substantially complete and tested to make that turn-around as quick as possible.

The procurement process for a new one, though, would take even longer - so I'm not leaning towards emulation as my likely "best bet" to expedite the reimaging process. I'm certainly open to other ideas, though!