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Thread: Chinese characters on LCD display after update with image

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    stmcknig Guest

    Default Chinese characters on LCD display after update with image

    So I upgraded to the image to get FreePBX 2.7 properly installed and now on reboots instead of seeing the IP address and the icons of the line status it looks like I have some Chinese script in the window. All appears to be working normally (although I am concerned that /persistent1 is now running 83% full)...

    Anybody know what's going on here?

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    pbelanger Guest


    stmckning: I too had some Chinese characters load on to my Warp, but I rebooted and they went away. Is this not the case for you?

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    agauthier Guest

    Default Version 2.2.x

    The Taiwanese characters are the factory default LCD characters.

    The Persistent1 directory should be ~50%!

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    Hi stmcknig,

    What version of software were you trying to burn from?

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    stmcknig Guest


    I downloaded this

    which was pointed to from this link to

    which interestingly enough although it shows 2.2.0 as the current version dated the 24th if you look closely at the hyperlink it is for images_2.2.0.56 which is what I have....

    How do I get back the consumed space on the /persistent1 volume or does that get rm'd during an upgrade? I've also got an SD card and I think the script is supposed to copy some files over if it finds them but here are the current stats from "df"

    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    rootfs 93687 84357 9330 90% /
    /dev/root 93687 84357 9330 90% /
    /dev/mtdblock6 65536 38932 26604 59% /persistent
    tmpfs 36864 56 36808 0% /tmp
    /dev/mtdblock7 65536 57284 8252 87% /persistent1
    /dev/mtdblock8 65536 24828 40708 38% /persistent2
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 1889792 107488 1686308 6% /mnt/sd
    tmpfs 128108 4 128104 0% /dev

    As to how I got to be where I am I followed the FreePBX upgrade suggestion on another thread here:

    1/ Upgrade to FreePBX 2.7 via the Upgrade Module and apply configuration changes.
    2/ Create Backup of current system using the Backup Module
    3/ Flash Pika with the images_2.2.0.56.tgz
    4/ Restore configuration from Backup using Module.
    5/ Reboot.

    I'd welcome any advice especially if it's not going to be too terminal. I still have the Backup file created in step #2....

    Thanks all...

    -- Stuart

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    stmcknig Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by pbelanger View Post
    stmckning: I too had some Chinese characters load on to my Warp, but I rebooted and they went away. Is this not the case for you?
    Sadly no. I'm a fan of the turn it off and turn it back on school of support but it failed me in this case ;-)

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    stmcknig Guest


    Thought I would try downgrading back to 2.1 and then back up to 2.2 again to see if something had gone wrong with the original upgrade, but still getting the Taiwanese characters on the LCD and the free space on persistent1 dropped off to 0% - ie 100% full.

    I've reverted back to 2.1 and FreePBX 2.6 and things are back to normal - the LCD shows the line status and my persistent1 use is 50%.

    I guess the lesson of the story is don't upgrade to a ".0" release ;-)

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    stmcknig Guest


    Well today I thought I would try the latest 2.2.4 image but once again after an apparently successful reflash, I get the Taiwanese characters on the LCD which makes it pretty difficult to work out the IP address....

    Am I the only one lucky enough to get this?

    Back to it is....

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    skar Guest

    Default FIX for problem with Chinese characters

    This problem has been resolved with a patch for the FPGA on the WARP appliance. To get and apply the patch, please log into the shell of your WARP and do the following:

    # wget
    # tar -xz -f FPGA_3014_Patch.tgz
    # cd FPGA_3014_Patch
    # sh
    # reboot
    It does not matter where you download and extract the FPGA_3014_Patch.tgz tarball to on the WARP. Once you are finished applying the patch you can delete the tarball and folder.

    The script will report any errors that may occur during the application of the patch. If you wish to verify further that the patch was successfuly applied you can run the following at the command line AFTER rebooting the WARP. It should return 3014.

    # cat /proc/driver/taco | cut -c10-13

    NOTE: There are additional details on what this patch fixes, which versions of PADS it applies to and further instructions on it contained in the Readme file found within the FPGA_3014_Patch folder.
    Last edited by skar; 10-28-10 at 10:45 AM. Reason: Correct tar extract line

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    stmcknig Guest


    Pleased to report back that this little patch resolved the display problem - I can throw out the Taiwanese phrase book now ;-)

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