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Thread: Aastra IP phone support for FreePBX images

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    skar Guest

    Default Aastra IP phone support for FreePBX images

    Many people have asked for support for Aastra XML scripts on the WARP, including posts on this forum here and here. So I endeavored to create a package that can be installed on WARP Enterprise. I think I have succeeded but I would love to get feedback on it.

    The package I have created contains version 2.2.1 of the Aastra XML scripts and version 2.5.1 of the firmware and language packs. To use this package requires that you be using the FreePBX package for the WARP and have an SD card installed. The install script will check for both of these things. I have tested this on the and versions of FreePBX on the WARP.

    To install the package on the WARP, follow these steps. You will need to log into the command line on the warp.

    /persistent/root #
    /persistent/root # cd /mnt/sd/
    /mnt/sd # wget
    Connecting to (
    /mnt/sd # tar xfz aastra-warp-support.tgz
    /mnt/sd # ls
    aastra-warp-support      lost+found               usr
    aastra-warp-support.tgz  tftpboot                 var
    /mnt/sd # cd aastra-warp-support/
    /mnt/sd/aastra-warp-support # ./
    Now all of the Aastra XML files, 2.5.1 firmware and language packs will be installed on your system. There has been an autorun script created in /persistent/autorun that will automatically start the aastra daemons on each reboot.

    The next step is to create the aastra.cfg file for your system. I show an example of this below. The file includes full support for multi-language and timezone settings on the phone and for allowing user input when they start.

    /mnt/sd # setup-aastra-xml
    Aastra Phone Setup Tool (XML scripts)
    Network Interface
    eth0 is the only network interface on your server. is used as the Server IP address.
    Additional Languages Support
    Do you want to install additional languages on your phones?
    [0] English only
    [1] Multi-Language Support
    [q] Quit
    Install additional languages?: [0] 1
    Phone Type Selection
    Are you using Classic IP Phones 480i/480iCT/9112i/9133i?
    Note that on those phones, the language options are limited.
    [0] No, I'm solely using 9xxxi and 67xxi (former 5xi) phones.
    [1] Yes, I'm also using Classic IP Phones.
    [q] Quit
    Install additional languages?: [0]
    Language Selection
    English is available by default. Select up to 4 additional languages to install.
    You will be able to choose the language during the login process on the phone.
    Separate by space.
    Example: 3 1 4 5 --> Will install German, French, Italian and Spanish.
    1: French (Europe)
    2: French (Canada)
    3: German
    4: Italian
    5: Spanish (Europe)
    6: Spanish (Mexico)
    7: Portuguese (Europe)
    8: Portuguese (Brazil)
    q: Quit
    Select additional languages to install: 3 2 5
    Your selection:
    1: German
    2: French (Canada)
    3: Spanish (Europe)
    [y]: Yes, proceed
    [n]: No, select again
    Enter y or n: [y]
    Default Language
    Select default language.
    [0] English
    [1] German
    [2] French (Canada)
    [3] Spanish (Europe)
    [q] Quit
    Select default language: [0]
    Input Language
    Select input language (for entering text via phone keypad).
    [0] English
    [1] French
    [2] German
    [3] Italian
    [4] Spanish
    [5] Portuguese
    [q] Quit
    Select input language: [0]
    User language selection
    Do you want the user to select the language during the login process?
    [y] Yes
    [n] No
    [q] Quit
    Enter y or n: [n]
    Tone Set
    Select the country tone set to use.
    [0] US/Canada
    [1] Europe (generic tones)
    [2] UK
    [3] France
    [4] Germany
    [5] Italy
    [6] Mexico
    [7] Brazil
    [8] Australia
    [q] Quit
    Select Tone Set: [0]
    Default phone Timezone
    Select the default timezone for the phones. Page 1/4
    [ 0] US-Eastern        [16] MX-Cancun         [32] AU-Lord howe
    [ 1] US-Central        [17] MX-Merida         [33] AU-Tasmania
    [ 2] US-Mountain       [18] MX-Monterrey      [34] AU-Melbourne
    [ 3] US-Pacific        [19] MX-Mazatlan       [35] AU-Sydney
    [ 4] US-Alaska         [20] MX-Chihuahua      [36] AU-Broken hill
    [ 5] US-Aleutian       [21] MX-Hermosillo     [37] AU-Brisbane
    [ 6] US-Hawaii         [22] MX-Tijuana        [38] AU-Lindeman
    [ 7] CA-Newfoundland   [23] AD-Andorra        [39] AU-Adelaide
    [ 8] CA-Atlantic       [24] AE-Dubai          [40] AU-Darwin
    [ 9] CA-Eastern        [25] AG-Antigua        [41] AU-Perth
    [10] CA-Saskatchewan   [26] AI-Anguilla       [42] AW-Aruba
    [11] CA-Central        [27] AL-Tirane         [43] AZ-Baku
    [12] CA-Mountain       [28] AN-Curacao        [44] BA-Sarajevo
    [13] CA-Pacific        [29] AR-Buenos aires   [45] BB-Barbados
    [14] CA-Yukon          [30] AS-Pago pago      [46] BE-Brussels
    [15] MX-Mexico city    [31] AT-Vienna         [47] BG-Sofia
     [q] Quit                                      [n] Next Page
    Select Timezone: [0] 9
    User Timezone selection
    Do you want the user to select the timezone during the login process?
    [y] Yes
    [n] No
    [q] Quit
    Enter y or n: [n]
    Time format
    Select the time format to be displayed on the phone.
    [0] 12 hours (AM/PM)
    [1] 24 hours
    [q] Quit
    Select Time format: [0]
    Date format
    Select the Date format to be displayed on the phone.
    [0]  WWW MMM DD (WWW is the day of the week)
    [1]  DD-MMM-YY
    [2]  YYYY-MM-DD
    [3]  DD/MM/YYYY
    [4]  DD/MM/YY
    [5]  DD-MM-YY
    [6]  MM/DD/YY
    [7]  MMM DD
    [8]  DD MMM YYYY
    [9]  WWW DD MMM
    [10] DD MMM
    [11] DD.MM.YYYY
    [q] Quit
    Select Date format: [0]
    Created /tftpboot/aastra.cfg.
       - using for the proxy/registrar IP address,
       - adding extra language(s):
          - German
          - French (Canada)
          - Spanish (Europe)
       - using English as input language,
       - using English as default language,
       - using US tone set,
       - using CA-Eastern (EST) as default phone timezone,
       - using 12h (AM/PM) as time format,
       - using (WWW MMM DD) as date format.
    If the IP address of your Asterisk system changes, or if you want
    to change localization settings, run this script again and reboot.
    Reboot your Aastra phones by disconnecting the power to the phone.
    You will notice at the end it summarizes the features you selected while running the file. If you look in your /tftpboot folder you will now see an aastra.cfg file created.

    Now to take advantage of this with your Aastra phone, do the following:
    1. Create an extension for your phone in FreePBX if you have not already done so. Make sure you enable voice mail with a password.
    2. On you Aastra phone, make sure configuration server type is set to tftp (I believe the default) and set the primary tftp server to the IP of your WARP. Note: If you have a DHCP server that you can set option 66 on, point it to your WARP and you can skip this step for Aastra phones.
    3. Reboot the phone
    4. As the phone reboots, it will load new firmware if it needs it, download the configuration file and any language packs required.
    5. Once the phone finishes booting, it will prompt you to login. Use the extension and voice mail password you configured for the phone in FreePBX. The phone will then finish loading its config and be ready to use. Note: You will only be prompted to login in once. After the first time, a file like 00085D1A8463.cfg will be created in your /tftpboot folder that is named with the MAC address of your phone. This will be used on every subsequent boot of your phone.
    I have personally tested this on a 6757i CT and a 6753i phone. It is awesome on my 6757iCT phone.

    If you want to take full advantage of the XML scripts you may need to install some more modules on the base FreePBX image. For example, day/night mode, parking, queues, paging.

    So far I have not had any issues running the scripts but I would love to get people's feedback on them. If you run into any issues with them or have questions or comments, please post them below. Also if you successfully test this package against an Aastra model that I have not listed, please inform me and your fellow forum users with a comment.

    Have fun,

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    tttelecom Guest

    Default setup-aastra-xml function not found

    We have been using the Aastra scripts on the warp for several months now and it works great. Having an automated installation for the warp is a nice to have extra! However, after following the installation instruction provided by skar, end up with the following error when executing 'setup-aastra-xml':

    /var/www/html/aastra/scripts/setup-xml: line 25: function: not found
    /var/www/html/aastra/scripts/setup-xml: line 106: syntax error: "}" unexpected

    We have been usng the scripts without the 'setup-aastra-xml' configuration wizard. It's only used for creating the aastra.cfg, so it's easy to work around this minor issue. But perhaps skar can fix/explaing the issue in the next release.


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    skar Guest


    Hi Erwin,

    Can you please post line 25 from your script. It sounds like you are using the setup-xml file from the package straight from Aastra. In my package I have fixed that file so that it works correctly for the ash shell that is on the WARP. The original Aastra setup-xml file looks like this on line 25

    function create_config_file {
    which does not work in the ash shell on the WARP. I have changed the script so that it looks like this

    create_config_file () {
    which does work in the ash shell. The second error is the fall out of this first error. There are many other things I did to the setup-xml file so that it would work on the WARP.

    Please confirm from the aastra-warp-support.tgz download that you are using the correct setup-xml file. It is found in aastra-warp-support/SCRIPTS/scripts/ directory. If you already had Aastra files on your WARP, perhaps your version did not get overwritten by my installation script.


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    tttelecom Guest


    Hi Shawn,

    You are right. Apparently it was still using the original aastra script. I expected the '' to install/overwrite the setup-xml file... but now it's clear to me it didn't update... Running the script form aastra-warp-support/SCRIPTS/scripts/ works.


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    rcherry Guest


    Installed easily, no problems. Thanks Shawn!

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    alexk Guest


    I just have to say, these scripts are wonderful. Thank you! Has anyone tried using these with the 6739i yet? Is it as simple as dropping the file into /tftpboot and running the script, or do they need to be updated before that will work?

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    alexk Guest


    Hey everyone,

    It's looking like Aastra have put v2.3.0 of the XML scripts out for beta testing. Among the features added to that version is support for the 6739i. Are there any plans to develop a WARP package for these scripts once they're out? That would make my day...

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    jeo100 Guest


    I get this error when I try to run the install script

    /mnt/sd/aastra-warp-support # ./
    We are not a FreePBX box with an SD card so cannot install
    I use verison PADS V2.2

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    jeo100 Guest

    Default fixed

    I removed this lines from the script and it worked

    # First check if we are a FreePBX box with SD card
    if [ ! -d /mnt/sd/usr/src/ ]; then
            echo "We are not a FreePBX box with an SD card so cannot install"
            return 1

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    wiznet Guest

    Default Aastra comes up With Startup Button

    Everything loaded fine on setup. Setup extension in FreePBX plug in a 57i. Downloads firmware comes up with a Starup button . Press this get page load error. no MAC.cfg created. Looked at script points to IP/aastra/startup-- Did a find this does not exist. What did I do wrong?

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