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Thread: Turning WARP off

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    eurovoice Guest

    Default Turning WARP off

    Is it OK to simply unplug the psu to turn WARP off, or should some shut-down process be followed ?

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    skar Guest


    From a hardware point of view it is okay to just unplug it. You cannot harm the hardware this way.

    From a software point of view you could possibly corrupt some files if you were in the middle of writing to them at the time. You cannot harm a file on the root file system this way as they are recreated from compressed image on each boot. Files in the persistent partition, USB key or a SD card could be corrupted by a shutdown. The window on this happening is pretty small and I have not seen it occur yet but the chance is definitely there.

    That being said however, there is no shutdown command on the WARP, only a reboot command. Therefore if you want to shutdown you need to reboot and then pull the cord before it starts up again. There is a feature request for a shutdown command for the WARP.

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    carlostico Guest


    I second the request for a shutdown command for the warp .... its very important.

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