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Thread: pikacf - choose Asterisk GUI or FreePBX

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    Default pikacf - choose Asterisk GUI or FreePBX

    It would be useful when running pikacf to be able to choose whether I'm running the Asterisk GUI images or the FreePBX ones.
    Since I use the FreePBX images, I need the FXO trunk to have context=from-pstn in /etc/asterisk/pika.conf and the Digital trunks to have context=from-zaptel, rather than context=fxo and context=digital respectively.

    And being in the UK, it would also be useful when I choose GB as the country code, to get nationalprefix=0 and internationalprefix=00 in /etc/asterisk/pika.conf when I have digital trunks. That way since BT don't send the leading 0 (or 00) on ISDN, but require it to dial out, it gets added.
    I know I can add them in FreePBX before they hit the trunk, but people expect to see them on the caller id display.

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    skar Guest


    That is all good feedback and I am happy to say that support for this will be available in the new version of software due out early next year.

    In that release, users will have an option to create a defaults file that pikacf can use when it detects hardware. Any value in any of the PIKA configuration files can be put into the defaults file. When pikacf runs, it will look at the defaults file and write the values in it to the configuration files instead of it's own.

    In your case you could add nationalprefix=0 and internationalprefix=00 to the defaults value and after pikacf runs, you will have those values in your pika.conf file.


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    I found documentation for the feature described here under the subheading 'Override default valves'. You can find it quickly by searching for 'override_defaults.ini' in the PADS User Guide.

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