A few people have asked about how to control the speed of the fax modem in PIKA fax for Asterisk.

There is a hidden keyword that can be used to control the modem type, PIKAFAXMODEMTYPE.

By default we enable all modem types, which would be the value 15. To enable just V.29 and V.27, which would cap the speed to 9600, you can set the value to 3.

This is a bit mask where you set all the bits for the modem types that you want to include.

modem value max speed
v.17 8 14400
v.33 4 14400 (obsolete)
v.29 2 9600
v.27 1 4800

In the dial plan you would just have to add the following:
exten => s,n,Set(PIKAFAXMODEMTYPE=3)

This keyword will be documented in the man page in an upcoming release.

Eric Pretlac
PIKA Support
PIKA Technologies Inc.