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Thread: Fax Configuration Module for FreePBX

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    alaing Guest

    Default Fax Configuration Module for FreePBX

    Did you know that the PIKA Warp can handle Fax transmission and reception calls?

    The reception of fax calls can already be made. Upon reception, the fax file is sent to the desired user, as long as the mail manager address is specified.

    What is missing is a way to drop a file and then transmit it to a specified destination. Here is what I came up with.

    In order to enable this module in your FreePBX on the WARP, follow the following steps:

    1. Download the module to your computer from
    2. Open the FreePBX GUI on the WARP in your browser.
    3. Select Module Admin --> Upload Module
    4. Browse to where you downloaded the warpfax- tarball and select it.
    5. Hit upload button.
    6. Enable the module using "Manage local modules" link on the top of the page.
    7. Browse to System Administration and select install for the WARP System Administration module.
    8. Hit Process button, then confirm and return buttons.
    9. Hit "Apply Configuration Changes" but and reload.
    10. Browse to Tools --> Warp Fax Config to configure the different parameters such as the outgoing circuit.
    10. Browse to Tools --> Warp Fax Drop to upload a tif file to be sent out.
    11. Browse to Tools --> Warp Fax Status to see if the Fax was transmitted properly.
    12. Browse to Tools --> Warp Fax Support will point you back to this page.
    13. To send email confirmation, you will need to set up the mail server via Tools->Mail Server Config

    The following notes describes how it was implemented if you wish to update it to you liking.


    1. Add Transmit Fax Module for FreePBX
    2. Administration page to add fax tx/rx parameters for each user
    3. User Status Page to review Fax Call Status
    4. User Fax upload page for transmit purposes
    5. Send email confirmation once Fax has been transmitted.
    6. The Fax call shall be reported in CDRs.

    Use Case
    1. From the main administration page the “admin” user adds user account
    2. The admin administers fax configuration pages
    3. The user can then upload a tiff file or a pdf file (as long as the ghostscript package is installed) for transmission purposes.
    4. The user can monitor the FAX call status on a per call basis.


    Fax Configuration Page
    The Fax administration page will include the following fields
    • Maximum Fax Retries
    • Retry time
    • Wait Time
    • Circuit string (PIKA/...)

    Fax Transmission Upload Page

    The Fax Transmission Upload page will include the following fields
    • Browse File directory and upload the file to Fax Drop directory
    • Phone numbers to send it to.

    Fax Status Page
    The Fax status page will include the following fields
    • Call Start time
    • Call status
    • Call Number dialed


    Phase 1 : Get familiarized

    Phase 2: Simple FreePBX module
    • Export all FreePBX module to the development PC (refer to
      svn export freepbx-modules-2.5
    • Copy warpsystemtools as a base example into freepbx-modules-2.5/warpfax.
    • Checked in the code in
        • install.php : installation script
          During installation, the /var/spool/asterisk/fax_results directory shall be created.
          The [fax-tx] context shall be added in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf.
        • uninstall.php : un-installation script
        • : helper functions
        • module.xml : module definition
        • page.warfaxconfig.php : Configuration page
        • page.warpfaxdrop.php : Page for Fax Transmission
          A file can be uploaded with the phone number to be sent.
          Once uploaded, a call file is create in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing.
          The call filename format is <phonenum>_<date>_<time>.
          The spooler will then try to generate the fax call and add the "Sent to Spooler" message into /var/spooler/asterisk/fax_results/faxresult.txt.
          When the [fax-tx] context is invoked, the faxresult.txt file shall be updated with the fax call status.

    [U]Phase 3: Add email and PDF support
    • Email for Fax transmission
      Once the file is dropped, an email is sent to the user to notify that it was sent to the spooler. Another one will be sent once it is actually transmitted.
    • Add PDF support
      If the Ghostscript package has been installed, the user may drop a pdf file and it will convert it to tiff and send it.

    The module can be uploaded from

    Does not support CDRs.

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    newyorkhcm Guest

    Default re: pdf creator

    Just get this program : PDF Creating v2.0

    PDF Creator: create PDF documents easily


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    skar Guest

    Default Making this available to all users

    If you want the FAX drop page to be available to all users on your network, you should create a new user using the Administrators tab in FreePBX. Give the user a name and password (optional) and give that user access only to the fax drop page from the list of pages.

    Now the user you created can only access that page of FreePBX and nothing else. You can share that user and password with all the people in your company to send faxes without worrying they will mess up the PBX.


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    skar Guest

    Default New version available

    We have recently released an upgrade to this module to version It can be retrieved here.

    To apply it, you should do the following

    1. Edit the /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf file on your WARP to remove the entire [fax-tx] context. It will be recreated when we install the upgrade below.
    2. Download the module.
    3. freepbx module admin -> upload module to upload module to WARP.
    4. Use freepbx local module administration to enable it.

    This update fixes issue with no staus email being sent in fail case and an error in uploading files that had a space in their file name.


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    JulietteKlonk Guest


    Great program,thank you for share.

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    jongerard Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by JulietteKlonk View Post
    Great program,thank you for share.

    I agree with you JulietteKlonk.
    I was very pleased with it and appreciate what you have done.
    Many thanks!

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    Ubunter Guest

    Default pika.conf file missing

    Hello all,
    This module seem to be an easy going solution, but I just upload it to freepbx gui, then when i go, select it to install it, i get this messge:

    WARP FAX cannot be installed:
    • File /etc/asterisk/pika.conf must exist.

    Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.
    What dose this mean in the earth?
    I was looking into the package files, i don't find any pika.conf file...

    I'm installing under ubuntu lucid, asterisk 1.8.4& FreePbx 2.9.


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    The Fax module relies on Pika's fax solution including its channel driver. I don't suspect it will work outside of the Warp appliance.

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