There are certain applications that do not fit nicely into a Hosted IP PBX / IP Centrex system. To address these scenarios, VoIPnet has developed the VoIPnetFS on-premise application server. VoIPnetFS is an on-premise application server that complements an off-site soft switch for non-critical roles.
Take a look at the application for Group Paging. In a Hosted IP Centrex environment, group paging is a difficult task because a media server needs to conference call all of the phones in a paging group simultaneously. This creates a flood of RTP packets being sent across the WAN connection. For a handful of telephones this might not be a concern, however if a site has a large number of telephones that need to be paged (for example; Schools and Hospitals) there is insufficient WAN bandwidth to support this application. We use the VoIPnetFS on-site so that the paging traffic does not need to traverse the WAN connection. In the case of multi-site paging, VoIPnetFS systems can be connected together to reduce site-to-site paging to a single RTP audio stream. External sound output allows the VoIPnetFS to be connected to an external paging amplifier. This provides paging thru external speakers, such as ceiling speakers or bull-horn type speakers (for example; a Warehouse or Manufacturing facility). The system supports the ability to page by zone such as only certain telephones, only the external amplifier, and the ability to page simultaneously through all telephones and external speakers.
This paging solution also incorporates an Intercom function whereby dialing a user’s extension number instead of a page group provides 2-way hands-free intercom that does not involve any signaling to the primary remote softswitch. This means intercom calls do not ‘busy’ your extension on the
remote switch, which can affect the delivery of hunt group or call center calls.
Another application is as a Conference Bridge. Let’s assume that a conference call is needed between 25 internal callers and 5 external callers. Using an offsite server would mean 25 simultaneous WAN calls, whereas the onsite server would only use 5 WAN calls. The amount of people able to join a VoIPnetFS Conference Bridge is virtually unlimited on the LAN side, and only limited by the WAN connection speed
for remote calls.
The VoIPnetFS is completely interoperable with the Broadsoft Broadworks platform and other SIP application
servers. This allows SIP trunks between the remote server and the on-premise server. Calls can be placed back and forth. For example; this allows paging from a remote telephone not connected to a VoIPnetFS server, and would allow public users to be able to join a conference bridge.
The VoIPnetFS is ideally suited to these types of non-critical roles. In a loss of power scenario, Paging, Intercom, and Conference bridge would become unavailable, but if connectivity is still available to the primary remote soft switch, it would still be possible to make and receive calls during an outage. We recommend using a UPS for uninterrupted power for all onsite equipment..
VoIPnet provides the ability to customize the user-interface to provide OEM re-branding of this product. VoIPnet Technologies does business with end-users and other Hosted IP Centrex providers. Contact VoIPnet
Technologies today for more information about what the VoIPnetFS can do for you as well as available
application modules, and pricing.