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Thread: mono in warp?

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    hsierra00 Guest

    Default mono in warp?

    It is possible have mono include in warp?

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    skar Guest

    Default In theory

    In theory this is certainly possible. Any Linux application that can be compiled for powerpc can be compiled one way or another to run on the WARP. This application however would stretch the memory and disk space available on the WARP. Mono is a fairly large application with not insignificant memory requirements.

    You would really need to be surgical in the parts of mono you include if you wished to run it on the WARP. Also I assume that mono is only a building block that will require several other apps on top of it. You have to remember, the WARP is an embedded appliance after all.

    I am also not sure if mono cross compiles (anyone?) or if you would need to natively compile it. There is nothing wrong with that it just takes much longer.

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    adron Guest


    Mono's implementation of GDI+ lives in the libgdiplus SVN module and includes it's own internal copy of Cairo (version 1.6.4) but will use a newer system version when available (since Mono 2.4).

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