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Thread: FreeSWITCH in PADS

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    Default FreeSWITCH in PADS

    I found an older PADS w/freeswitch here:

    When try to make an image I get an error about the update utils. Has anyone been able to compile FS on their WARP? Did you use this older version or are you use the latest 1.0.5?

    Edit: I am now editing a .mk file for freeswitch.

    Edit: I had some issues with my usb-serial adapter, but have it sorted and have configured the appliance to NFS Boot, however it seems to be in a loop. The appliance loads the kernel ok, then scrolls a lot of text. At the bottom it is unable to determine nfsd port and mountd port from server where it hangs and then reboots.
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