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Thread: PDF 2 TIFF software (Linux) for PikaFax

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    wudanel Guest

    Default PDF 2 TIFF software (Linux) for PikaFax

    If the TIFF image is converted from PDF using "pdf2fax" (coming from HylaFax) and the TIFF image is faxing out through PikaTxFax, I found the output image result through PikaTxFax to the destination will be sheared horizontally. Anybody have experience about PDF to TIFF conversion under Linux with PikaFax?


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    jsarrel Guest


    I've used tiff2pdf, but not the pdf2fax. I quit using it in favor of ImageMagick. I'm able to do a LOT more than just conversion now (resize, append, crop, etc). You might want to look into that unless your determined to continue using pdf2fax.

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    wudanel Guest


    I tried Imagemagick with those arguments:

    convert src.pdf -compress Fax -density 200x200 -depth 1 dest.tif

    The tiff file is converted but the PikaFax return the error:

    app_pikatxfax.c:869 pikatxfax_exec_start: Error: PKH_FAX_AddDocument failed (PKH_ERROR_FAX_UNSUPPORTED_FILE_FORMAT)!

    The version of Imagemagick is 6.2.8. I think some argument is missing. Anyone can help for this issue?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Default PDF 2 TIFF software (Linux) for PikaFax


    PIKA fax will work with "TIFF" file formats.

    Have you tried: tiff2pdf

    We have received good feedback on it.

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    jsarrel Guest

    Default Pdf2Tiff

    I believe he's wanting to convert a pdf into a tiff so that he can send the image as a fax (not recieve a fax and convert it to pdf). I'm now in the same boat as him, needing to do the same conversion. I tried ImageMagick like I suggested to him before, but the resulting tiff image wasn't correct (and I couldn't get it right after playing with it for a little while). Fax2Pdf only gives me some cryptic error messages (and googling them is next to useless).
    However...I did find something that seems to work so far. It's using GhostScript as the converter. Try the following at the command line:

    gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=tiffg4 -sOutputFile=outputFilename.tif inputFilename.pdf
    The outputFilename.tif and inputFilename.pdf are replaced by whatever you need. The code comes straight from this post: so I can't take any credit nor offer any more help so far. I was able to do single and multiple pages. An industrious person could easily make this into a shell script for simplicity. I did get one conversion that wasn't quite right, but the initial pdf wasn't quite right either.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: BTW, I haven't actually tried to send any of the converted tiffs as a fax, but they at least looked normal with this conversion as opposed to the others mentioned which had obvious flaws.
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