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    rboileau Guest

    Default Find a PC

    Finding a PC

    The PIKA Document titled "Release notes" contains recommended PC specifications as well contains a section on Performance Benchmarks based on MIPS and Number of PIKA ports.

    PIKA PCI Boards - Will work in PCI and PCI-X slots in a PC

    PIKA PCIe Boards - Will work in 1x (lane) to 8x (lane) slots

    Dell and HPs commodity priced PC market is providing mostly PCIe slots now and only a few PCI slots for backwards compatibility. Customers that need 3-6 PCI slot systems are now find it harder to locate PC options.

    What choices do you have?
    • Contact Dell, HP, and Sun for their recommendations
    • Move to Industrial Solutions
    • Have a system custom built at a local computer store using ASUS or Intel motherboards
    Here are some options as well...

    DAX Systems Inc:

    Example Systems:
    DST-24314 - Desktop unit with Pentium 4 motherboard, 4 PCI slots ( all full length) single 400 watt power supply
    DRM-23314 - 2U Rack mount server with Pentium 4 motherboard, 3 half length PCI slots, single 400 watt power supply

    DRM-46828 - 4U Rack Mount or Desktop with Pentium Motherboard, 6 full length PCI slots, 8 hot swap drive carriers, dual 8 watt hot swap power supplies
    DRM-41424 - 4U Rack mount server with Pentium Single Board Computer, 12 PCI slots, dual 400 watt hot swap power supplies

    DRM-51634 - 5U Rack mount server, Dual XEON SBC, 16 full length PCI-X slots, triple 400 watt hot swap power supplies
    DRM-51924 - 5U Rack mount server, Pentium SBC, 17 full length PCI slots, dual 400 watt hot swap power supplies

    Ernie Kaminaris

    DAX Systems, Inc.
    343 New Road
    Parsippany, NJ 07054
    973-227-8111 phone
    973-227-8197 fax

    MS-IND-4U-B ( 6 PCI slots )
    MS-IND-4U-A ( 12 PCI slots )

    Expansion chassis:

    Magma: (
    PCI to PCI-X expansion ( 1 to 12 PCI Slots Options)
    PCIe to PCI-X expansion ( 1 to 12 PCI Slots Options)
    PCIe to PCIe expansion options

    Cyclone: (

    SBC - Single Board Computers:

    Portwell: (
    Passive backplane options + SBC Motherboard
    2 to 16 slot options


    AdLink: (
    System Board: cPCI-6860A/X24/M1
    Chassis: cPCIS-3330/AC
    Power Supply: cPS-H325/AC x4

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    gwouite Guest

    Default Dell PowerEdge


    The Dell PowerEdge 2950 with a Linux Debian Lenny (Kernel works very well with the AOH Pci-e board ( 2x E1 ).

    Best Regards, Guillaume.

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    gwouite Guest

    Default Successful tests on a new computer

    Aoh Pci-E board (2xE1) works also on Dell PowerEdge R300 !


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