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Thread: Configuring HMP-based products vs DSP-based products

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    Default Configuring HMP-based products vs DSP-based products


    We are building a system for a user who purchased two of the analog boards (Inline MM). I physically installed the boards and installed the drivers, and Pika Setup detects them both. I then go into gptest and run a test call (i.e. call 0 make to=555 detect all), and calls will go through for channels 0 and 1, but not 2 or 3. If I then go back into Pika Setup, only one of the boards is shown - the other is gone. I redetect, and it reappears. I save and close out, go back into Pika Setup just to make sure, and its still there. I run a test in gptest and it again disappears.

    Can you give me some guidance on this? Is there something special I need to do?


    As mentioned in the GrandPrix Release Notes document, "AllOnBoard resources are not currently supported by GPConfig". In other words, if you are using our DSP-based products and the high-level GrandPrix API, you cannot use the gpconfig utility to configure the cards, you must use the template .cfg files.

    This might be a good opportunity to summarize the different procedures for configuring our HMP-based products vs our DSP-based products.

    1. When using PIKA's HMP-based products with the HIGH-level GrandPrix SDK, then you can use the gpconfig utility to generate .cfg files to configure the system.
    [HMP based products include the analog or digital “Gateway” cards, or VoIP-channels.]

    2. When using PIKA's DSP-based products with the LOW-level MonteCarlo (“AllOnBoard”) SDK, then you use PikaSetup to configure the boards.
    [DSP-based products include the InLineMM, DaytonaMM, PrimeNetMM].

    3. When using PIKA's DSP-based products with the HIGH-level GrandPrix SDK, then you need to use configuration files.
    [Template files can be found here: C:\Program Files\PIKA\GrandPrix\conf\templates\ ]

    The default template file for the InLineMM (AOBInLine4MM.cfg) is configured for only 1 InLineMM board. Therefore, you'll need to modify that config file to support 2 boards. See the PIKA GrandPrix Configuration Guide for details:

    Tip: Once you have a working set of .cfg files, you can then use PikaSetup to view the configuration. You just can’t use PikaSetup to create that configuration, you must use the .cfg files as mentioned above.

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    One of my colleagues has posted an example config file for 2 InLine MM boards here:
    GrandPrix Config file for AoB - 2 InlineMM boards

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