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Thread: How to find the serial number of your PIKA Warp appliance

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    epretlac Guest

    Default How to find the serial number of your PIKA Warp appliance

    When contacting PIKA Technical Support, you may be asked to send the serial number of your product. With that information, we can verify the model number of PIKA card you have, the date of manufacture, firmware revisions installed, and other valuable information.

    The serial number can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the unit, but its often much more convenient to use the pika software utilities to retrieve it, rather than shut down the system and unplug the board.

    The serial number is of the form PIK-xxx-xxxxx. Note that PIK-99-xxxxx is the model number is of the product and the PIK-98-xxxxx is an internal manufacturing number. Were looking for the other PIK-xxx-xxxxx number.

    1. First, stop any applications that may be using the PIKA drivers.
    a) If you are using the Warp appliance with Asterisk, you will need to stop the service running Asterisk before you can launch aohtest:

    # svc d /service/asterisk
    b) If you are running FreePBX, you need to stop asterisk using the amportal stop command:
    # amportal stop
    c) If you are running your own application that uses the pika drivers, you will need to shut it down before you launch aohtest.
    2. Launch aohtest, then run the following commands...

    # aohtest

    > board 0 open
    > board 0 get info

    The screen output will look similar to the following:

    /persistent2/root # aohtest

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++
    Comment: Standard Build
    Compile date: Jul 16 2009 12:03:35
    Copyright (c) 2009 PIKA Technologies Inc.

    type 'help' for the list of supported functions
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

    > board 0 open

    > board 0 get info
    BOARD 0:
    Bus.Slot = 0.0
    Interrupt Level = 24
    Serial number = PIK-23800191
    Card id = 0x00000110
    Real card id = 0x00000210
    Product revision = 0x00000000
    Product number = []
    Driver Version =
    FPGA Version = 1336
    Spans = 0
    Span Mask = 0x0000
    Trunks = 4
    Trunk Mask = 0x03c0
    Phones = 5
    Phone Mask = 0x003e


    Then please send us the following file:

    If you have enabled api logging masks as shown above, serial number information will also be in the pika logfile.


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    skar Guest


    Another way to get this info quickly is to ssh or serial connect to the WARP and run the following at the command line:

    cat /sys/class/pika/pika1/serial

    This will display it as a set of 8 numbers only. You can insert the PIK and dashes using format described above if you want, but we do not need them to look up the serial number.

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