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Thread: How can I find out what PIKA HMP licenses are installed on my system?

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    Default How can I find out what PIKA HMP licenses are installed on my system?

    As of Sept 2007, all PIKA HMP boards are shipped with firmware based licenses. Currently the only licenses that are installed via software (the pikalm utility) are FAX licenses, VoIP licenses and analog or digital TDM expansion licenses.

    If you are using your system for VoIP or FAX, or are installing analog or digital TDM expansion licenses then you should have been emailed a license (a.k.a. registration key). In that case you should install them using the PIKA License Manager Utility (pikalm.exe). Detailed instructions can be found in the "PIKA HMP 2.7 Getting Started Guide" below (See the section on "Licensing"):

    If you have already installed the licenses they should be in
    Windows: C:\Program Files\PIKA\AoH\conf\license.keys
    Linux: /etc/pika/license.keys

    NOTE: Firmware-based licenses are not detected by the PIKA License Manager Utility (pikalm.exe). In order to view the firmware-based licenses, you will need to follow the procedure below.

    Launch aohtest and run the following commands:

    > log set masks api=0xffffffff
    > system 0 open
    > system 0 get info
    > system 0 get licenses
    > board 0-n open
    > board 0-n get info

    ...where ‘n’ equals the number of PIKA boards you have in your system.

    The commands
    above will display all firmware and software-based PIKA licenses installed in the system.

    If you need assistance from PIKA Technical Support, follow the procedure above and send the following files to

    Windows: C:\Program Files\PIKA\AoH\logs\aohtest.txt
    Windows: C:\Program Files\PIKA\AoH\logs\aoh_<latest-date-and-time>\pikahmp_*.txt

    Linux: /var/log/pika/aohtest.txt
    Linux: /var/log/pika/aoh_<latest-date-and-time>/pikahmp_*.txt
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