Fax TX:
- Use the AOB debug dll, put this dll into system 32
- The log file that is created will appear in the working directory of the application.
- Also enable logging of the fax api in PikaSetup.
- Enable dsp logging under advanced logging in PikaSetup.
- PikaSetup -> for dsp 0 and the first timeslot, make sure it has audio, tone gen,
dtmf det, tone det, speech det, and fax
- If that timeslot is already checked just add the other dsp app check marks to it.
- The reason is pikatest seizes ports with these resources.
- Make sure you use line 0 when calling into this card.
- You can fax and record on the same port.
- So you will run pikatest and type in "script FaxTxScript.txt" (quotes are not part of it).
- BUT do not hit return.
- get customer to call in, once you see ring on and off event hit return which starts script.
- after it is done we are looking for:
- recfax and p30_call_log.dat in bin folder.
- in MonteCarlo log folder there will be a pikatestlog-x.txt with a date and time.
- and in that same folder there will be another folder with date and time, we need
the files that are in there.

Put this information into a text file called FaxTxScript.txt
Note that you will need to uncomment some of the lines below once you have decided the phone number to use and if it is a digital line or analog line etc.

# Fax Transmit Script
# This script can be used when debugging a fax problem
# Use the debug dll, turn on fax api and dsp logging.
# We also need a recording and PikaTest is good to use.
# You can fax and record on the same port, setup a dsp to do so.
# For this test to work you will need to check fax onto the first dsp port
# that has audio on it. Pikatest will use this for line 0.
# Example of setting FAX tx parameters
# faxstp 2400 14400 high A3 F T F 40000 "555 1234" 17 27 29 33
# fax tx structure :
# Minimum Rate: PK_FAX_RATE_2400
# Maximum Rate: PK_FAX_RATE_14400
# Page Width: PK_FAX_WIDTH_A3
# ID Required: PK_FALSE
# ECM Enable: PK_TRUE
# Print Header and Footer: PK_FALSE
# Time Out: 40000(ms)
# SID: 555 1234

show boards
wait 2000

# display fax tx parameters
wait 2000
# change fax tx parameters
faxstp 2400 14400 high A3 F T F 40000 "555 1234" 17 27 29 33
wait 2000

# set audio format
asf l0 mulaw sr8 NoSigMod
# record while faxing
ar l0 recfax
# add fax document to the tx queue
faxad l0 T SampleFax.tif
# make a Call - enter the number you want to call
# make 0 phone number
# analog line uses off hook command
# off l0
# wait 2000
# gd l0 phone number
# this is Pika Tech in Ottawa
# gd l0 6135919295
# wait until answered - put the required delay in
# for over seas this should be about 8000
wait 4000
# start the fax transmit
faxt l0
# wait for fax to attempt transmition then stop recording
wait 30000
as l0

# GET STATUS of the fax before you exit pikatest.
# faxgs l0