If you are having problems with receiving a fax, here is the information that you will need to collect for Pika Support to help debug the issue.

- Use the AOB debug dll, put this dll into system 32
- The log file that is created will appear in the working directory of the application.
- Also enable logging of the fax api in PikaSetup.
- Enable dsp logging under advanced logging in PikaSetup.
- PikaSetup -> for dsp 0 and the first timeslot, make sure it has audio, tone gen, dtmf det, tone det, speech det, and fax
- If that timeslot is already checked just add the other dsp app check marks to it.
- The reason is pikatest seizes ports with these resources.
- Make sure you use line 1 when calling into this card.
- You can fax and record on the same port.
- So you will run pikatest and type in "script FaxRxScript.txt" (quotes are not part of it).
- BUT do not hit return.
- get customer to call in, once you see ring on and off event hit return which starts the script file.
- after it is done we are looking for:
- recfax and p30_call_log.dat in bin folder.
- in MonteCarlo log folder there will be a pikatestlog-x.txt with a date and time.
- and in that same folder there will be another folder with date and time, we need the files that are in there.

Here is the script file that you will require. Put this into a text file called FaxRxScript.txt

# Fax Receive Script file
# For this test to work you will need to check fax onto the first dsp port
# that has audio on it. Pikatest will use this for line 0.

# Example of setting FAX rx parameters
# faxsrp 2400 high A3 F T F 40000 "555 1234" MMR 17 27 29 33

# fax rx structure :
# Data Rate: PK_FAX_RATE_2400
# Page Width: PK_FAX_WIDTH_A4
# ID Required: PK_FALSE
# ECM Enable: PK_TRUE
# Print Header and Footer: PK_FALSE
# Time Out: 40000(ms)
# SID: 555 1234
# Receive encoding: PK_FAX_ENCODING_MMR

show boards
wait 2000

# display fax rx parameters
wait 2000
# change fax rx parameters
faxsrp 2400 high A3 F T F 40000 "555 1234" MMR 17 27 29 33
wait 2000

# set audio format
asf l0 mulaw sr8 NoSigMod
# record while faxing
ar l0 recfax
# receive the fax to this file name
faxad l0 R RxFax.tif
# wait for the incoming call and then answer the call
# digital line will auto answer by default
# for analog line you take off hook
# off l0
# MAY NEED to adjust this delay.
wait 3000
# start the fax receive
faxr l0
# wait for fax transmition to complete and then stop the recording.
# MAY NEED to adjust this delay depending on the size of fax being received.
wait 40000
as l0
# get status of fax rx.
faxgs l0