How to record audio on fxo using gptest

Run gptest on the PIKA Warp:
# gptest
Take note of the which group Trunk and Virtual are set. For this example we can assume the following:
GROUP 0: "TRUNK_GROUP" created
GROUP 1: "PHONE_GROUP" created
Identify the channel that needs to be recorded:
> group 0 get channels
Group 0: Channel listing
CHANNELS [ 0- 3]
Create a virtual channel this assumes that you have 1 fxo module and 1 fxs module, this is why we have 9 as the identifer.
> group 2 createchannels 9
Create a conference with id=0
> conf 0 create
Conference 0 created!
Add the fxo channel to the conference, this one is for channel 0
> conf 0 member 0 add
CONF 0: received PKX_EVENT_CONF_MEMBER_ADDED - channel 0 (p0 = 0x1000002, p1 = 0x0, p2 = 0x0)

Add the virtual channel to the conference as monitor
> conf 0 member 9 add type=monitor
CONF 0: received PKX_EVENT_CONF_MEMBER_ADDED - channel 9 (p0 = 0x100000d, p1 = 0x0, p2 = 0x0)

Start recording on the virtual channel in file /root/
> channel 9 record /root/

Make as may calls into channel 0. You should see the calls coming in and automatically answered.

Stop recording from the virtual channel.
> channel 9 stop

Upload the file to a PC with an audio analysis application such as Audacity.