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Thread: HDLC Error

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    gwouite Guest

    Exclamation HDLC Error


    I plugged 2 brand new links (E1, ISDN) from an other telco and i have some "PKH_EVENT_HDLC_RECEIVE_INVALID_LONG" events that occurs ...
    I don't understand why as i don't use HDLC functions !

    Do you know why i have those messages ? Can i ignore it ? or maybe they are critical ?

    I contacted my telco and am waiting for answers from them about this kind of errors...

    Best Regards, Guillaume.

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    In general, this message can be safely ignored.

    "The PKH_EVENT_HDLC_RECEIVE_INVALID_LONG event indicates the transmission of the message being received was terminated by the remote end."

    This message typically occurs because the incoming message to the framer was purposefully interrupted. This causes a block of data to the framer to be recognized as a invalid block. However there is redundancy built into the protocols working on top to handle this situation. So this can easily happen during normal operation without consequences.

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    gwouite Guest

    Thumbs up Thank you


    Thank you for answer, all seems to work fine even if this event still occurs (I receive/send calls, no message lost...)

    Best Regards, Guillaume.

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    gwouite Guest

    Question HDLC Error (bis)


    It's me again with my problem. I ignored the error but i have the following messages in the /var/log/messages :

    kernel: 1: IDT: RHDLC Framer=0, RHDLC=0 Received Invalid Short
    kernel: 1: IDT: RHDLC Framer=1, RHDLC=0 Received Invalid Short

    Those 2 errors occurs every 10 seconds...

    Is this always a false positive ?

    Best Regards, Guillaume.

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    Yes the HDLC messages can be safely ignored.

    They will be suppressed in a future patch release.


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    gwouite Guest

    Default Protocol problem


    This is the specific french protocol "VN4" which was the cause of it.
    Now, i'm running with a classic ETSI PRI and the event doesn't occur anymore.

    Best Regards, Guillaume.

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