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Thread: E1 logging. Problem with getting voice from timeslots

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    Default E1 logging. Problem with getting voice from timeslots


    I'm writing software for e1 logging using Primenet PCI card. I'm creating conference groups and able to record all data going through e1. And have following problem. When I call PK_AUDIO_InputStart it's some times happen that I'm not getting PK_EVENT_AUDIO_RETURN_ADD_BUFFER. And this happens for all audio resources allocated from same DSP. When I'm trying to call PK_AUDIO_STOP and start audio again but getting following error code: PK_DRV_E_RESOURCE_BUSY. Again it's not happens each time. For example I could run software 10 times and for 5-6 times this could happen. Does anybody had same problem ?

    Board: PrimeNet (PCI)
    OS: Linux CentOS 5
    Kernel version: 2.6.18-92.el5
    SDK: PIKA MonteCarlo

    thanks beforehand,

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    Hi Murad,

    Between calling the STOP and the START, there is an event you need to wait for called IDLE.

    This event will let you know that the PIKA DSP and Software have released the channel to be used again.


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