Date Issued: June 16, 2009

Document Version: Version 1.0

Product(s): WARP Appliance

Reason: WARP appliance can hang during boot - intermittently ( u-boot diagnostics)

Update: March 5, 2010
- This technical bulletin does not apply to PADS 2.1 users.



An issue with a U-Boot diagnostic test is causing the WARP appliance to hang during the boot sequence (sometimes). The problem is intermittent and has been found in the 1.3.0-65 u-boot revision. Previous versions of the u-boot ( 1.3.0-62 and older ) don’t have this issue.

More detailed information can be found here: http://forum.pikatechnologies.com/showthread.php?t=169


There is a patch version of the u-boot to correct this problem. The patch can be downloaded from here: ftp://ftp.pikatech.com/outgoing/appliance/2.0/u-boot-1.3.0-74.bin

U-boot patch installation instructions can be found here:

1. Copy the tarball to your appliance and extract the files. Refer to Writing Software Images to Flash Using the Warploader in the PADS User Guide for examples of transferring files to the appliance.

2. Enter the following command on the appliance to upgrade U-Boot:
warploader -p u-boot uboot-1.3.0-74.bin3. Reboot and verify the upgrade from the information displayed on the serial console as shown below.

How to check the WARP U-Boot Version:

a) While Warp running: Not available at this time. A feature request has been submitted to add the ability to check the U-Boot version while it is running.

b) Serial Cable: Attach the serial cable and watch the console while the appliance goes through the boot sequence ( as seen above )

If you have any questions about this technical bulletin, please contact PIKA Support.
Email: support@pikatech.com