Fax Server - Broadcast and Receive

Description: PIKA provides the FAX building blocks that can be used by the occasion Fax user or by the Fax Server market who needs to deliver 100's of faxes simultaneously.

Each platform offers a different advantage:

DSP Boards - Density - DSPs offload the PC from CPU intensive operations. ( 400+ ports per PC can be achieved )

HMP Boards - V.34 High Speed Fax & High Level API

Warp - Embedded PC ( small density - replaces the PC + board )

Getting Started:

DSP Boards: PrimeNet MM T1/E1 Fax Server Sample Code
" Fax Digital T1 E1 Server Sample " code

HMP Boards: HMP Digital T1/E1 Fax Server Sample Code
" The Notifier " sample code

Warp: Analog fax sample code
" The Notifier " sample code